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Trending Searches Keywords in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit

As the Coronvirus outbreak is going higher and higher and all the activities are almost being shut down by COVID-19. There are many search patterns are trending on search engines especially Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc.

These trends are also searched on the most famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and on every news site in almost every country. The search trends have come together and the common searches for the first time combined peoples interests.

Here is a list of trending searches on the top search engines now a days:
  • ·         Coronavirus
  • ·         COVID-19
  • ·         Corona
  • ·         Symtoms of coronavirus
  • ·         Coronavirus mask
  • ·         Corona vaccine
  • ·         Quarantine meaning
  • ·         Ventilator
  • ·         Sanitizer
  • ·         Coronavirus mask
  • ·         Coronavirus meme

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