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Reddit Traffic Surge After Coronavirus Outbreak

  • Reddit has seen a huge traffic bang in the previous week as the mobile application usage going high.
  • Everyone including all kind of communities focused on finance, sports and education came to see latest news and trends.
  • Individual websites have been hesitant to share traffic numbers, but there's reason to believe Reddit isn't alone.

  • Google already told that it will not be going to give any kind of search preferences to unauthentic etc. sites on the ongoing deadly disease. 
  • Many websites are not showing their traffic counts and Reddit in one of those.
  • WorldOMeter has gone sky high and has a huge traffic bump.
  • In the past week, as the coronavirus virus reached everywhere in the globe and the governments are shutting down nearly every surface of society to control the COVID-19 outbreak. 
  • Reddit says it has seen a huge “surge” in its traffic.
See the traffic surge after Coronavirus outbreak. 

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