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One Women Made 2500 People Quarantine Because of Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Argentina: a history of infidelity forced to isolate an entire people
Es Selva, a town of 2,500 inhabitants. One of his neighbors had a loving encounter with a woman in Córdoba who traveled to Spain and would have had symptoms of the virus.

Selva, a small town in southern Santiago, is completely isolated and closed. No one enters or leaves. You can not load gasoline, there are no bars or restaurants open, schools and public buildings are closed, commercial stores are not open either and only the pharmacy and a small supermarket, attend from time to time. It looks like a ghost town at some times of the day.

The reunion of two old acquaintances, which led to a story of infidelity, put the entire town in check, now in quarantine of the coronavirus due to the irresponsibility of lovers.

In Short 
"A married woman came back to Argentina from Spain with COVID-19 symptoms and she met with his friend and they had sex. The 'friend' then returned back to his hometown and joined a party of about 20 people. This resulted in the entire town of 2500 people being put in quarantine and the woman and her husband as well."


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