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Italian Citizen's Unique Method to Avoid Coronavirus

In Italy, a man built a disc-like 3-foot round board to avoid the Coronavirus that he wears on his way out of the house so that no one can hit him.

As the fear of the Coronavirus grows, some people are taking ridiculous ways to avoid the deadly virus, which leaves smiles on the faces of people in an atmosphere of fear. One such video from Italy, a country infected with the Coronavirus after China, went viral on social networking site.

In the video it can be seen that a man is wearing a round-board and holding a stick in his hand. This round-board places the person coming from the right, left or back, at a distance of 3 feet, and if anyone tries to get closer, he removes it with a stick, and with that stick he lifts the purchased item. Is. When asked about a person at a shopping mall, the citizen said the move was done to prevent the Coronavirus.

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The World Health Organization has instructed the sneezing and coughing person to keep a distance of 3 feet because the corona virus cannot enter another person's body at such a distance. The majority of the population in Italy suffers from lockdown, with close to 2,000, while more than 18,000 people have been affected.

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