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Coronavirus Stats World Map

The real-time Coronavirus map shows the latest spread of the Coronavirus globally. See the number of novel Coronavirus cases globally stood at the moment. Now you can track the coronavirus COVID-19 cases in all over the world with interactive maps provided by Google.

COVID-19 Maps & visuals and directly gained from Google and you can see Coronavirus COVID-19 global cases outbreak timeline map here. We have shared Coronavirus statistics 2020. See the full Coronavirus map below provided by Google.
Coronavirus Mask

Corovavirus Map Keys

  1. Black: Cities with 1,000 or more cases
  2. Purple: Cities with 100 or more cases.
  3. Red: Cities with 20 or more cases.
  4. Orange: Cities Less than 20 cases
  5. Diamond shape: Cities with deaths

Zoom in to see your country and city.

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