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300 People Died after Using Poisonous Chemical for Corona Treatment

300 people died after drinking poisonous chemicals to prevent the Coronavirus, while more than two and a half thousand were left untreated.

According to the World News Agency, there is a market for tricks and rumors on social networking websites in Iran to protect against the Coronavirus, which the frightened public has begun to act on without confirmation. Hundreds of people drank poisonous chemicals methanol, following a similar crack.

An Iranian doctor told the World News Agency that there have been 300 deaths in recent weeks due to drinking methanol chemicals while the total number of casualties due to the implementation of tattoos has increased to 480 in a few months.

The Iranian doctor further stated on the condition of anonymity that the use of toxic chemicals made the condition of 2,700 people unbearable, of which a thousand are in critical condition and some patients have lost their vision, including a five-year-old child.
Earlier in the city of Wuhan, the Coronavirus, poisoning chemicals were treated as a deadly virus, killing 27 people. Other countries have also reported that experts do not follow any kind of crack.

Note: So please don't use any treatment without consulting you doctors. It is a very serious issue and don't spread any kind of treatment post. Use WHO's suggestions for more.


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